Business Tips from VVBRC Members

Lead-vs-Lag. You can control Lead, the Lag will come later. Create a cadence of accountability for you and your team.

Pay it forward. Help the next generation of entrepreneurs. Teach everything you know to the next generation.

Make a ‘To Do’ list to give organization to each day.

Follow up, and follow through.

Keep your business receipts…you must be able to prove to the IRS where your deductions are coming from.

Prevent Business burnout by setting and honoring work/life boundaries. Off means off, on means on. You run your business, don’t let your business run you. Protect your creative thinking time by building it into your schedule.

Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint. 1) You must have a passion for what you do. 2) Make it bigger than you = more about making a difference in people’s lives than just money. 3) Celebrate every success, even the smallest ones + give yourself credit.

Get your original job done so you can get paid. Add-ons are another job.

Businesses need to change, change is inevitable, and it will happen with you or without you.

Opportunity is missed by most people because it shows up looking like someone in overalls. It looks like alot of work.

Love what you do and do what you love.

Always use a professional to do tasks that you don't have the expertise to do.

Always surround yourself with professional business people that have your best interest in mind, maximize your efforts, and sometimes you have to fire your time wasting clients.

Remember people's names. This can lead to future business and friendship.

Remember H.C.S.C. in your business dealings. It stands for 'Honor, Confidence, Service & Cooperation.

You have three choices in life, give up, give in, or give it your all.

Always treat your clients like a member of your family.

Luck is at the crossroads of hard work and opportunity.

You need courage, and there's always someone in life to come against you and your ideas.


The Verde Valley Business Referrals Club is a group of professionals and entrepeneurs who provide business support to each other by using other member services, purchasing their products, and sharing valuable contacts within the Cottonwood, Sedona, and Verde Valley Communites.



Denny’s Restaurant, Cottonwood
Every Wednesday, Except 1st
7:00 am - 8:00 am

Meetings feature a Showboater (speaks to describe one's business) and a Speaker (speaks to one's personal journey). A business tip is also provided.



The Verde Valley Business Referrals Club is a proud member of the Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce. Many current and past members have served on the Chamber Board. VVBRC members are also active in community organizations and projects which benefit local charities.Cottonwood Chamber