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Networking Works!

We help each other to build our businesses and network together to reach new potential contacts to grow our business.



Refer customers to other members and have them refer customers to you.



Connect with other like minded business owners and gain from each other’s experiences.



Give each other emotional support and encouragement to help each other through the challenges of running a business.

Verde Valley Business Referrals Club Bylaws

“The Verde Valley Business Referrals Club is a group of professionals dedicated to the highest standards of Competence and Service.”

    • A. This club shall be known as the “Verde Valley Business Referrals Club.”  (“VVBRC”)
    • B. The stated purpose of the club is to share ideas relating to business and the exchange of ‘leads’ or ‘referrals’ to other members of the club.  Members of the club shall strive to direct business when possible to other members of the club.
    • C. There will be only one business of each kind allowed in the club.  In some cases, business types can overlap, it will be at the discretion of the active club members 
    • A. New members are accepted after a review of their application and a majority vote.  The majority vote will be among those present at the meeting when the new application is presented.  The vote will take place at the meeting following receipt of an application.  The prospective member will not attend this meeting.  The prospective member will then be notified of the outcome.
    • A. Meet for breakfast once a week except for the first week of every month.
    • B. Refer business to fellow members.
    • C. Maintain club dues current at all times.
    • D. Each member will strive to produce as many referrals (qualified and internal) as they can each month.
    • E. In the event a member decides to quit the club, it is understood that all fees and dues are non-refundable.
    • F. If a member misses three meetings in a row, without notifying the club, a courtesy call from the club will be made to assess the situation.  Depending on the outcome of this inquiry, the membership may be subject to forfeiture.
    • G. Members who are 60 days behind in their dues are subject to forfeiture of membership.
    • H. Member activity that has the potential of harming the club is strictly prohibited.  Remedy to any situation as a result of “bad business practices” is up to the active members of the club.
    • A. All officers must be members in good standing at the time of their election and at all times during their tenure.
    • B. Elections and Appointments are held each January.
    • C. The officers of the Club shall include President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Referrals Master.
      • 1. President:
        • a) Shall have a one-year term.
        • b) Shall serve as the official head and public spokesperson of the Club;
        • c) Shall preside at all meetings;
        • d) Shall conduct elections for new Officers, and confirm that they learn about their respective offices;
        • e) Shall prepare the Vice-President to serve as the next President.
        • f) If for any reason, the President cannot fulfill the term, the Vice-President will become the President.
      • 2. Vice-President:
        • a) Shall be an elected position.
        • b) Shall have a one-year term and then move into the President position for one year.
        • c) If for any reason, the Vice-President cannot fulfill this position, a new Vice-President shall be elected
        • d) Shall facilitate the meeting when the President is not available
      • 3. Secretary:
        • a) Shall be a volunteer or appointed position.
        • b) Shall hold this position as long as they are willing and available.
        • c) Shall handle the correspondence of the club and keep records of it;
        • d) Shall maintain official records of meetings;
        • e) Shall maintain a roster of all members with their current address, including email, and telephone information;
        • f) Shall maintain complete and up-to-date copies of the club’s bylaws and other organizational documents.
      • 4. Treasurer:
        • a) Shall be a volunteer or appointed position;
        • b) Shall hold this position as long as they are willing and available;
        • c) Shall oversee club finances, collect dues, and receive all monies;
        • d) Shall maintain and supervise club bank account;
        • e) Shall ensure that there is more than one signatory on all bank accounts;
        • f) Shall prepare and present a monthly Treasurer’s Report at the regular club meeting;
        • g) Shall pay all club bills on time.
      • 5. Referrals Master:
        • a) No term restriction;
        • b) Shall be a volunteer or appointed position;
        • c) Shall track and report “qualified” and “internal” leads for each active club member.
    • A. Application Fee:  $100.00 (includes first month’s dues).  Due with the membership application.  Refundable if the applicant does not become a member.  
    • B. Monthly dues: $50.00 Due on the 1st of each month.

Revised August 10, 2022