Line Up through Fall 2023

2023 Weekly Meeting Program

Showboater:   This is your opportunity to talk about your business and what you do.

Speaker: This time it is all about you! Let us get to know you a little bit outside of work.

Date Showboater Speaker Business Tip
May 10 Group Photo
May 17 DKS & Habitat
May 24 Michelle: Edward Jones
May 31 Mark: AZ Values
June 14 Jared: Centra Pro
June 21 Donna: SCHC
June 28 Shelly: N AZ Mortgage
July 12 Helaine: 360 Automotive
July 19 Jeff: Jander Services
Aug 9 Aimee & David: Luma
Aug 16 Dave & Karen: DKS
Aug 23 Emily: CV Bookkeeping
Aug 30 Tresa: VV Habitat
Sept 13 Michelle: Edward Jones
Sept 20 Debbi: Promptings
Sept 26
Nov 8 Tresa: VV Habitat