Working to Grow Your Business

Networking Works!

We help each other to build our businesses and network together to reach new potential contacts to grow our business.



Refer customers to other members and have them refer customers to you.



Connect with other like minded business owners and gain from each other’s experiences.



Give each other emotional support and encouragement to help each other through the challenges of running a business.

Weekly Meeting Program


Date Showboater* Speaker** Tips***
Jan 10 Michelle Mark William
Jan 17 Dane Michelle Mark
Jan 24 Shelly Dane Michelle
Jan 31 Helaine Shelly Dane
Feb 14 Mike Helaine Shelly
Feb 21 Tim Mike Helaine
Feb 28 Debbi Tim MIke
March 13 Naomi & Justin Debbi Tim
March 20 Tresa Naomi/Justin Debbi
March 27 Dave & Karen Tresa Naomi/Justin
April 10 Dave & Karen Tresa
April 17 Dave & Karen

* As a Showboater, you have 10 minutes to talk about your business. This is your opportunity to talk about your business and what you do.

** As Speaker, you have 5 minutes to talk about yourself. This time it is all about you! Let us get to know you a little bit outside of work, including your favorite book, favorite movie, and favorite dessert, etc.

*** As the Tips person, you present a business tip to the group.

After you are the Showboater, in the next meeting, you are the Speaker, and in the next meeting, you present a business tip for the group.